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Custom home building is a business consumers don't often experience. Most have no clue how the transaction works or how builders price their products in a constantly changing market. Meanwhile, too often people hear multitudes of horror stories about experiences working with contractors from friends and family. Most other builder's sales process only makes it worse. Ads, billboards, and brochures advertise a specific price range, but buyers quickly find out it applies only to a bare bones version of the home that looks nothing like the model decked out with all the upgrades and ‘spare-no-expensive’ interior decorating. The actual purchase price for the home configured as most buyers would want it is quickly becomes unattainable or unrealistic.

We work directly with our customers and trades throughout the design and product selection process. Helping to create homes that are smart in design and cost effective to build. Ensuring a hassle free no surprises building experience.


At Patriot Homes our goal is to build homes that delivered a better living experience. Better design, better products, and financially makes sense.








ABOUT : Tory Otto


A disabled Veteran himself, realizes the importance of meaningful relationships, clear communication and service to our customers and our community. Tory is responsible for daily business operations for Patriot Homes. Working closely with our customers to manage the details of our projects to ensure we meet their expectations. 


Contact: 701.471.2332 or




NEW Home construction, basement finishing, remodeling, additons and light commercial projects.


Design your project in a efficient, resourceful manner. Giving you what you want for the budget you desire.


Create an extremely accurate cost estimate for your project including all the features you've requested.

At Patriot Homes we do only a certain amount of business each year, because we want to be able to deliver a consistently good experience and product to those valued clients who chose to have us work with them.


We know what our costs of being in business are, this means we do not expand and contract our business as opportunities present themselves, doing so would not allow Patriot Homes to adhere to the philosophy that we are selling to our prospective clients.


Additionally we have an expected return in which we hope to generate as a result of taking on all the risk we do by providing a fixed total price for our clients’ projects.


That expected return also is to help us with the fact that we can only truly accurately estimate the cost of a project after the project is done, inevitable there are inaccuracies in any estimate. Our philosphy and experince allows us to almost eliminate these inaccuracies and continue to improve our systems and tools, all of which help make any project we do more likely to be successful.


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2201 East Front Ave   -  -  Tel: 701.471.2332



Mon - Thurs: 9am - 5pm

​​Friday: 9am - 12pm

​Saturday/Sunday: CLOSED


Available anytime by appointment.


Call Tory @ 701.471.2332

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